Deep-learning for outcomes prediction

We create neural network algorithms to learn clinical outcomes from genomics and histology. Our goal is to develop an integrated prediction frameworks that provide a holistic assessments of risk to improve clinical management.

Digital pathology software infrastructure

We develop open-source tools to support the management, analysis, and integration of digital pathology images. The Digital Slide Archive, HistomicsTK, and HistomicsML empower users to apply powerful image analysis and machine-learning algorithms to their digital pathology data.

Phenotype / genotype studies

Histology has been used to diagnose disease and predict outcomes for over a century. Datasets that combine digital pathology with genomics provide a window into the molecular foundations of histologic phenomena. We use quantitative image analysis to reveal and precisely measure these relationships.


Lee Cooper, PhD

Principal Investigator

Pooya Mobadersany, MS

PhD Candidate

Sanghoon Lee, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Mohamed Tageldin, MD

PhD Candidate

Zilin Xu

MS Student

Safoora Yousefi

PhD Candidate

Saumya Gurbani

MD/PhD Candidate

(404) 712-0110
Woodruff Memorial Research Building
Suite 4103
1639 Pierce Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30322

Our lab is located on the 4th floor of the Woodruff Memorial Research Building, adjacent to the main bus terminal on the Emory University campus. We are readily accessible from the MARTA 6 bus, the Emory / Georgia Tech Stinger Shuttle, and various Emory Cliff Shuttle buses.